Conference topics and sessions

This conference will discuss a broad range of topics related to the growth, characterization and physics of II-VI and III-V compounds. The focus is placed on the unique optical, electrical and magnetic properties of these materials which enable their wide application in optoelectronics and biosensors. Participants’ contributions will be presented and discussed over 7 concurrent sessions:

A – MBE growth of II-VI and III-V nanostructures (QW, MQW, QWires) for optoelectronics and biosensors;
B - Characterisation of II-VI and III-V nanostructures (optical properties and electron transport);
C – Applications for optoelectronics (photovoltaics, IR- and Thz- detectors, lasers);
D – Topological Insulators;
E – Applications for quantum logics;
F – Biosensors based on II-VI and III-V nanostructures;
G – Numeric methods and simulation for characterization of II-VI and III-V nanostructures (optical properties and electron transport).

Types of presentations


Papers are invited for oral (keynote plenary, invited and session) or poster presentations.

The original author’s contribution with relation to one selected conference topic in the following duration:
Keynote plenary presentation - 45 minutes for presentation + 5 minutes for discussion,
Invited presentation - 30 minutes for presentation + 5 minutes for discussion,
Session presentation - 15 minutes presentation + 5 minutes for discussion.


Posters will display the presentation materials printed on an A0 size paper to the conference participants during the whole conference period with the specific time allocated for detailed presentation during poster sessions.

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